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Hi, my name is Björn Engdahl and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I've seen a couple of homepages teaching a language, so I descided to make one on Swedish.

Swedish is spoken by approximately 9 million people in Sweden and some 300 000 in Finland. Written Swedish is quite similar to German and Dutch; Norwegians and Swedes understand each other perfectly. What is difficult (at first) and characteristic with the Swedish language is the pronunciation. I therefore suggest you take a brief look at the Swedish pronunciation guide before starting with the lessons.

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The course

Swedish pronunciation guide(A description of the pronunciation of the Swedish language)

Lesson 1 (Nouns - indefinite article, Numbers 1-10, Basic words, Verbs - Infinitive and Present tense)

Lesson 2 (Nouns - definite form, Posing questions)

Lesson 3 (Plural, Adjectives, Numbers 10-100)

Lesson 4 (Negations, Possessive and Objective pronouns, Genitive, Telling the Time)

Lesson 5 (Compare, Imperfect and Perfect tense.)

Lesson 6 (Participles, Passive form, The future, Numbers 100- ...)

Lesson 7 (Auxiliary verbs, Adverbs, Word order, Reflexives, the Imperative)

Irregular verbs (List of common Swedish irregular verbs)

Final exam (Test your skills in Swedish with this new enhanced test! Requires JavaScript.)

Listen to the Swedish anthem The words

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